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New models are added regularly to the website. 


Search Corgi Models Online for Corgi, Corgi Classic and Limited Edition Diecast Models at very affordable prices.

Please scroll through the Models to find the latest additions to the site including many Rare and Obsolete Models.

Models are usually mint and boxes are rated conservatively on a scale 1 to 10.

There is always a selection of Guinness, Eddie Stobart, Chipperfields Circus, Showmans, Billy Smarts Circus, Corgi Road Transport & Brewery Collection Models available, amongst many others.

If you have a collection or individual Models for sale, please email with full details using the email link on the Questions and Answers Page. Please include a full list of the Models along with their condition and also an indication of the price you were hoping to achieve for the Models.

If you have any queries please use the email link on the Question and Answers page.

For valuations, we recommend Toymart.com. Enter the details of the Model to value on the site.

If you are seeking a certain Model then please email including a full description and the Model number. If the Model is not in stock then we can probably obtain it for you.

Our aim at Corgi Models Online is to provide quality models at very affordable prices and have Customers who are very satisfied with their purchase through the site.

Formerly Corgi Collectors Models, Corgi Models Online is a newly established website. Due to a domain hosting oversight by the hosting company, the former domain name of Corgi Collectors Models, CorgiCollectorsModels.com was lost and subsequently was re-launched as CorgiModelsOnline.com.

In addition to many satisfied Customers who have previously made purchases through the website, many Model sales have been made through EBay. Please click the link below to read comments left by Customers who have purchased models through EBay and the high level of service you can therefore expect through Corgi Models Online :-

Corgi Models Online Feedback

You are welcome to inspect any of the models listed or if you require further details then please email using the Contact email link on the Questions and Answers Page.

Thank you for visiting CorgiModelsOnline.com. CorgiCollectorsModels.com was first established in May 2004.

* 5% Discount applied to Order Value of Models (Not including P&P Costs).

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